List of features, Twitter added this Year

Micro Blogging site Twitter’s management has made many changes in features of the application.

From Hide replies to your tweets, Dark Mode, and more, here’s the list of new features that Twitter added this year.

Improved Dark mode:

For those who have been using Twitter for some time might be aware that the social media platform has had night mode for a few years but now there are more options — Lights Out for people who want it darker (pure black) and Dim for people who want it a bit lighter (blue/grey) than that.

To enable Dark Mode, tap on to your profile picture thumbnail in the top left corner on your mobile. Then, tap on the lightbulb icon in the bottom left corner and go as dark as you want!

The feature is available on web and android.

Hide replies to your Tweets:

Twitter added another important feature this year that gave users more control over their conversations.

Twitter recently made it possible for anyone to hide replies to their Tweets which was a way to deal with situations like when some responses to your tweets are off-topic, annoying, or rude and can totally derail a conversation.

If you hide replies to your Tweet, these replies will move to another page and won’t appear directly below your tweet. A new icon will appear on the tweet so other people can tell replies are hidden and see them if they want.

Schedule your Tweets:

Twitter finally added the much-demanded feature, Schedule your tweet, that allows users to schedule a tweet. Currently, Twitter is testing the ability to schedule Tweets.

This means that users can schedule tweets that are time-critical.

Retweet with Media:

Twitter added the ability to add a GIF to the retweets this year.

Now, the same photos, videos, and GIFs that were added to a Tweet can be added to a Retweet as well.

Follow a topic:

Twitter this year also added an all-new feature that allowed users to follow a topic.

What this meant was Twitter users were saved from the task of figuring out the best way to keep up with what’s happening which was following certain accounts, searching for it, or looking in the Explore tab for the latest.

With ‘Follow a Topic’, users have the option of seeing the most relevant and exciting tweets about what they care about with a single tap, and the conversation will show up.

Reorder photos before Tweet:

A minor feature was added as well that allowed users to re-order photos while writing a tweet.

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