Spanish Pop Star Joana Sainz Dies In On-Stage Fireworks Accident

A dancer has been killed after a stage pyrotechnic display exploded in front of hundreds of horrified fans.


Joana Sainz was performing with the Super Hollywood Orchestra during a festival in Las Berlanas an hour outside of Madrid.

During the performance at about 2am a firework device on the stage exploded sending shrapnel into the stomach of Sainz.

The curtain was quickly lowered and the woman was seen to by paramedics and a doctor who happened to be in the crowd.

Video shows the device exploding before Sainz falls to the ground.


Medical staff who were at the event helped treat Sainz on the stage but she died after being rushed to hospital.

Multiple videos have been posted online of the incident.

Witnesses said they heard a very loud bang and saw the singer fall to the floor.

The group has 15 members including singers musicians and dancers mixing pop with entertainment in its performances.

According to the reports, event organizers do not know how the device exploded during the act.

We have been doing the same performance for five years group promoter told.

The town local government posted a message of condolence for Sainz’s family and thanked the support of the people at the event who tried to help.

The event was attended by about 1000 people, and the Super Hollywood act was one of the last performances of the festival.

A night started with partying and ended up in a terrible tragedy a fan wrote on Facebook.

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