Watch Woman miraculously survives When hit and dragged by truck

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If you are lucky, you can miraculously escape even from the most fatal accidents. (Source: Shanghaiist/Facebook)

Accidents can happen any time. A wrong turn, a moment of carelessness, or cruel twist of fate can lead to fatal mishaps. However, if you are exceedingly lucky, you can come back, unscathed even from what could have been a life-threatening accident. This is proved in a video posted by Shanghaiist on their Facebook page where after woman can be seen being dragged by a truck for a considerable distance. The woman was on a bike and after colliding with a truck, she is dragged along the vehicle, for quite some time. It is only later that the driver of the truck realises this and halts. The woman, who was stuck beneath the vehicle, gets up immedietely and can be seen confronting the driver.

Watch the video here.

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