5 Reasons Why You Should Play Super Mario Run

Yo Guys Today We are here to Give you 5 Reasons Why You Should Play Super Mario Run if you didn’t  Playing right now  on Smartphone (IOS and Android)

Super Mario Run isn’t just a great mobile game, it’s a great Mario game, and has quickly become favorite game title of 2016. But while we been spending hours happily bouncing through the Mushroom Kingdom for coins, a good chunk of fans have taken to the App Store for Nintendo’s big iOS & Android debut


1. Real Mario Gameplay Experience

Super Mario Run has one big advantage over every other auto-runner on the App Store and Google Play: it plays like an actual Mario game. Nintendo has  brought the magic of Mario to touch screens — every jump feels Good, every stomp is satisfying, and getting into a rhythm of collecting coins and bouncing from shell to other provides a feeling that you just won’t get from games like subway surfer and may other similar titles.

2. Unlimited life to play levels

You can complete Super Mario Run’s core 24 courses in about an hour. But beating Bowser is just a fraction of the fun. Every level is dripping with Unlimited life, each featuring three sets of hidden coins that become progressively harder to obtain. Exploring every corner of the game’s courses and unlocking its many hidden characters will keep you busy for hours, and that’s not even counting Super Mario Run’s other two modes.


3. Two modes of Gameplay


  • Toad Rally A multiplayer mode, an addictive challenge that lets you compete with friends and strangers over who can rack up the most coins in a quick run.
  • Kingdom Builder A mini-Sim City that lets you decorate your Mushroom Kingdom with objects that get progressively cooler-looking as you work your way through the game.

That’s a whole lot of content for a pocket-sized Mario game.

4. Awesome Graphics

Mario has never looked as good as he does in Super Mario Run. Leveraging the graphical power of the iPhone and Android to their fullest, Super Mario Run offers a delightfully colorful art style ripped right from the latest New Super Mario Bros. games for consoles. The action also never slows down, even when Mario is surrounded by Goombas, Koopas and Bomb-ombs. 

5. One time payment with no In-App Purchases

Once you’ve unlocked the full $10 game, you’ll never be asked to spend a dime again — which is impressive, considering Nintendo could have probably made a pretty penny off of items such as coins and Toad Rally tickets. Super Mario Run makes a big statement amongst the crowded crud of the App Store and Google Play: quality is worth paying for.

you can Download  Super Mario Run on the App Store and Google Play


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