Sony confirms the PlayStation 5 is coming in 2020

The new PlayStation will not only be a graphical upgrade but also a rethinking of certain aspects of a console.

For starters, Sony is changing how the PS5 will handle storage. The new solid-state drive will make games boot up faster and reduce loading times, and the console will handle games installation in a new way. Users will be able to install just a game’s multiplayer or single-player campaign instead of installing the whole game.

In a blog post, the company announced PlayStation 5 will feature a redesigned controller. It will include haptic feedback and improved tactile sensations, such as rumbling and shaking, so that users can better feel what’s going on within a game.

With haptics, you truly feel a broader range of feedback, so crashing into a wall in a race car feels much different than making a tackle on the football field. You can even get a sense for a variety of textures when running through fields of grass or plodding through mud, Jim Ryan, president, and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, wrote in the post. “One of our goals with the next generation is to deepen the feeling of immersion when you play games.”

The company declined to share further details, including how much the PlayStation 5 will cost.

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