5 Spoilers of Game of Thrones for Season 7


Yo Guys Everybody is Going crazy about upcoming Season of Game of Thrones  lets look  at 5 Spoilers of Game of Thrones for Season 7

1. A advisor may return


Ser Jorah Mormont was Daenerys Targaryen’s confidante, friend, and ally. Then she learned that he’d been sent to spy on her by Varys, and, well, she didn’t really take it all that well (can you blame her?). Since then, Jorah has done his best to get back in Dany’s good graces — but all he’s gotten for his troubles, so far, is a wicked case of Greyscale.

It’s been up in the air as to whether he’d return to the fold in Season 7, since the last we saw of him he was ordered to go find a cure for his seemingly incurable illness.

since the North Ireland town is kind of a random place for an in-demand actor to be hanging out. Does that mean he’s figured out a way to survive? Will he finally be given a chance to serve Dany again?

2. A fan favorites figure may reappear, too or not


he talented blacksmith, ally to Arya, and bastard son of Robert Baratheon played a big role in the first, second, and third seasons of Game of Thrones. But we’ve not seen hide nor hair of him since he escaped Dragonstone in a rowboat, and his fate has remained completely under wraps.

While it’s not likely that the Khal will come back from the dead, we could see him in some other incarnation — or in Dany’s dreams. No matter how you cut it, it seems that at least one fan-favorite character will be making an unexpected return in Season 7.

3. New alliances


In the final moments of Season 6.  Cersei Lannister definitely burned her share of bridges — literally and figuratively. she may be striking up a new alliance with Euron Greyjoy in Season 7.

4. New secret characters will enter to make Twists


Some of the biggest parts up for grabs are a feisty lovely lady, a merchant, a skilled warrior, and a lieutenant that sounds suspiciously like a Dothraki. How these characters will fit into upcoming storylines remains to be seen — but their addition signals plenty of excitement in Season 7.

5. Big battle is Coming once again



Many of the clues we’ve culled together about Season 7 lead to one exciting conclusion: Another huge War will most certainly take place. And this one could easily rival last season’s Battle of the Bastards in Force.

If accurate, this could mean only one thing: That we’ll finally get to see Dany really show her stuff as a commander, and we could be treated to one of the most exciting confrontations in Game of Thrones history.


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