5 Superb Tips To Thicken Hair

Thin hair is prone to breakage and it could also cause some confidence issues. Having thick locks has several advantages, especially in terms of styling and feeling good about one’s self. Here are five remedies if you want to increase your hair volume and thicken your hair strands.

1. Healthy Diet

Following a healthy diet composed of leafy greens supports healthy hair growth. Spinach, kale and beans are high in zinc, biotin and iron which help you achieve thicker hair. Including high-protein foods such as chicken, eggs, lean red meats and low-fat dairy products also increases your protein levels, giving you significantly nourished hair.

2. Massage

According to NowLoss.com, massaging your scalp regularly improves the nutrient circulation from the body to your hair. As a result, hair follicles are well nourished and they become sturdy and healthy. You can achieve these benefits by massaging your scalp for 10 to 15 minutes as you wash your hair. This allows it to absorb the nutrients in a gradual fashion.

3. Organic Shampoos And Conditioners

There are shampoo and conditioners specifically formulated to increase hair volume. According to women’s lifestyle online magazine Allure, those with thinner hair should use prescription shampoos that contain ketoconazole. The component disrupts the pathway of DHT hormone, which causes hair thinning in women. Meanwhile, conditioners untangle and soften strands thereby preventing damage.

4. Essential Oils

Hair oils also boost growth and promote healthier locks. They strengthen the strands from the roots, increase the hair volume and maintain a vigorous texture. They also hydrate them and prevent their breakage.

Beauty Health Tips suggests mixing essential oils with coconut, mineral, olive, castor or sage oil to achieve maximum benefits. However, you first need to test the concoction by placing a small amount of the solution on your wrist. If your skin does not adversely react to the solution within 24 hours, you may use it as a scalp massaging oil.

5. Vitamins

Vitamins nurture hair and make them stronger. They also help produce healthier locks and improve hair volume. Consuming fruits such as kiwi, lemon and orange that are rich in vitamin C increases hair density. Taking vitamin E supplements also affords the same benefits.

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