7 Exercises to Boost Your Metabolism

Yo Guys today we here to tell you 7 Exercises to Boost Your Metabolism

Metabolism is your body’s ability to facilitate chemical reactions — and when we refer to it in terms of physical fitness, it’s more or less in conjunction with the physiological process of breaking down certain molecules to access energy. The more efficiently your body can access and utilize stored energy (fat stores), the easier you’ll be able to burn calories, and lose weight.

The most successful strategy is through high-intensity interval training, commonly called HIIT, and through exercises that burn a lot of calories, and build lean muscle. Lean muscle will, on its own, burn through more calories (as it takes more energy to maintain), and burning extra calories will help you makeup for a slowing metabolism as you age.

Here are seven exercises which should give your internal engine a boost.

1. Reverse lunge look pretty easy, only for few reps

Lunges are another deceptive exercise — they look pretty easy, but after only a few reps, you’ll really feel the burn. They’re terrific leg exercises if you don’t have access to squat racks or barbells, and will help you build lean muscles in your legs. Specifically, you’ll build your quads and glutes — perhaps the most important muscle groups in the body.

2. Swimming best way to burn a ton of calories

You’ll be using every muscle group in your body just to stay afloat or in constant motion, and by doing so, force your body to start pulling energy from your fat stores.Perhaps the best way to burn a ton of calories in a short amount of time is by swimming.

3. Dips to keep your internal body humming

They’re perfect for interval or circuit training, and you’ll likely find yourself out of breath after completing a set. You’ll build your shoulders, chest, and arms, and keep your internal body humming. To ensure you don’t miss your upper body, try dips into your workout.

4. Squats most important exercise

Like lunges, you’ll be focusing the work on your quads and glutes. Build those muscles up, and you’ll have two muscle groups that are burning through a large amount of energy, all on their own, just moving you around throughout the day. Try dumbbell or kettlebell squats to mix things up. squats are pretty much the most important exercise you can do.

5. Sprints

Sprints require your body to act explosively, which means that it needs to be very efficient at tapping into and expending energy. Do enough sprinting, and your body will figure out how to get it done. Yes — we couldn’t get through the list without some sort of running component.

6. Burpees train your body to become more efficient

Burpees integrate elements of bodyweight exercises, as well as cardio, making them a great move to burn calories, and build muscle. They are one exercise that are sure to help you train your body to become more efficient.

7. Planks

Planks are a relatively easy exercise to do, and you can do them almost anywhere.There are also numerous variations that you can try, and keep your routines mixed up to avoid muscle memory. But they’re also great for building muscle and endurance.


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