China Launches Research and development of 6G Technology

After complete availability of 5G service in China, the government now officially announces to develop 6G service.

China’s science and technology ministry announced that it has formed two teams to oversee the research and study of 6G.

5G and 6G refer to the fifth and sixth generation of mobile wireless networks.

While 5G is known to have data transmission speeds at least 10 times greater than 4G, rolled out in 2009.

The ministry said on its website that one of the offices consists of government agencies responsible for the relevant policy making.

The other is comprised of 37 experts from colleges, research academies and enterprises, who are expected to advise policymakers, it said.

Chinese telecom carriers rolled out their commercial 5G plans only this month, with the cheapest option costing just under $20.

China has also planned to activate over 130,000 5G base stations by the end of the year, helping it to build one of the largest 5G networks globally.

Minister for science and technology Wang Xi said worldwide knowledge about the technology is still in an exploratory stage, without consensus over its definitions and applications.

According to the press release, the recent intensification of relations between the United States and China is due to the developing technology.

While, China is the only country where after 5G, work on 6G mobile service has started.

It should be noted that the Chinese government expects more than 11 million people to use the 6G network by 2020.

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