Tamil Nadu Couple gets 2.5 kg-Onion Bouquet as Wedding Gift

Tamil Nadu Couple receives 2.5 kg-Onion Bouquet as Wedding Gift.There are many who often get creative while presenting gifts at the wedding of their friends. Just like a group of friends who came up with an “expensive” and unusual gift – a bouquet of onions.

A couple who got married at Manjakuppam in Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu received this funny yet resourceful gift from the friends of the groom, reports The Hindu.

Four friends of the groom packed the gift and presented it the couple. Upon opening, they came to know that it’s a bouquet made of onions. And, the entire arrangement was designed using 2.5 kg of onions.

The gift quickly captured the attention of people attending the wedding. Also, an image of the couple and their friends posing with the bouquet of onions made its way onto Twitter. It’s now being shared by some users of the micro-blogging site.

“Onion is sold at Rs 195 a kg eating into the budget of the commoners. So we bought 2.5 kg at Rs 500 from a store in Cuddalore and presented it to the couple,” one of the friends told The Hindu.

Presently, the onion prices range from Rs 150 to Rs 160 per kg in Tamil Nadu.

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