Cross-bred Cosmic Crisp Apples can stay Fresh for a Whole Year

The Cosmic Crisp apple is hitting shelves in the United States (US) and through careful development across two decades.

It promises to offer fans of the fruit an extra juicy and crispy experience, with a storage life of up to 12 months when kept in the right conditions.

The Cosmic Crisp apple is the result of a cross-breeding research at Washington State University, where scientists began working on a hybrid fruit based on the Enterprise and Honeycrisp apples in 1997.

The Cosmic Crisp apple is said to be large, juicy and remarkably firm with a crisp texture.

It also offers naturally heightened levels of acidity and sugar, so will very much be on the sweeter side.

It can allow home bakers to rely less on added sugar for their recipes, according to the team.

In addition to high resistance to bruising, the Cosmic Crisp apple can be kept in controlled atmosphere storage for 12 months, in a fridge for six months or longer and on the shelf at room temperature for several weeks.

This type of apple was initially named ‘WA38’ but was given the name of Cosmic Crisp because of its dark reddish-white granules that look like starry heavens at night.

Washington is the largest apple supplier in the United States, but its two types of apples Golden Delicious and Red Delicious have faced stiff competition from the Pink Lady and the Royal Gala.

Banana is the number one selling fruit in the United States after apples.

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