Do Ghosts affect Internet Speed?

Slow internet causes frustration to people, a poll occurred in United Kingdom to determine the factors that affects internet speed.

According to the survey by Virgin Media, Heavy road traffic, weather, government are among the things 2,000 British adults believe affect internet speed.

The most astounding thing is that few people blamed ghosts to affect their Wi-Fi connection.

3 per cent among those was agreed that water can affect home broadband.

10 per cent adults believed Wi-Fi speeds were slowed down by someone else being on their phone nearby.

Few people blamed thick walls and even bright lights for their slow Wi-Fi.

Nearly 10 per cent hit their Wi-Fi router to boost internet speed while 14 per cent turned off their Wi-Fi router before going to bed which is not recommended and can cause bad connection.

13 per cent were unaware of the fact that having more active devices connected to Wi-Fi could be the cause of slow speed internet.

According to the research the majority of the people told that they got the best signal in their living room while some people find decent connection in the bathroom or kitchen.

Richard Sinclair who is currently Executive Director, Connectivity at Virgin Media where he is responsible for the delivery of ultra-fast in-home broadband and Intelligent WiFi, has revealed many things can affect wifi strength, including water.

He further said that it may surprise many that few people who took part in the study agreed that Fish tanks, weather, and even human beings can also impact connectivity.

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