Friend Reveals What Deepika Steals From hotels

Actor Deepika Padukone’s best friend Sneha Ramchander has joined the league of actor’s friends including husband Ranveer Singh and filmmakers Meghna Gulzar and Imtiaz Ali to have written a special note on her website.


Ahead of the Friendship Day weekend, Sneha took to Deepika’s website to pen down little things that she loves about her- a testimonial that tells us all about the great bond they share and the love that exists.

Sharing the most quirky habits of Deepika, she wrote, “Do you know someone whose presence feels like a warm hug and a hot cup of cocoa? Someone you can chat with for hours on end AND co-exist with happily in moments of silence and nothingness. Someone who has undeniably kind eyes…whose gaze makes you feel cared for at that moment. Someone who’s so hyper-organized that her most prized possession is most likely a label-maker, and she will gladly reorganize your home for you with it. Do you know someone who will steal, I mean to collect, miniature bottles of your favourite shampoo from hotels, when she travels, because she knows you love them? I do! I do! That’s my darling friend, DP. It’s a happy day for friends like us.”


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