Top 7 Unbelievable Women That Really Exist

Yo Guys Today We are here to bring Top 7 Unbelievable Women That Really Exist, We have made a list 7 Women popular on the internet for their unique physical features. The extent of unique body proportions of these women is so extreme that you may not believe them to be real.

7. Maria Jose Cristerna is Known as Vampire Woman

Her body is almost entirely tattooed, teeth has been transformed to look more like vampire, titanium thorns were inserted into her head and many more surgeries were done to achieve the desired look. But today she’s undoubtedly one of the most unbelievable woman.Maria Jose was once a totally normal woman from Mexico until she decided to do something different with her body. She has transformed herself into a woman vampire.

6. Big Beshine is Woman With Biggest  Breasts

She has world’s biggest boobs, each one has 42 pounds of weight. That size is absolutely ridiculous, we can only imagine how uncomfortable life she must be living. And don’t even think that to be photo shopped, those giants are totally genuine.

5. Asha Mandela is a Woman With Longest Hairs

This Woman is from Florida have about 55ft long hairs, she have a Guinness world records for woman with longest hairs on the planet. She’s very proud of her appearance and calls herself the black Rapunzel.

4. Julia Gnuse is a Woman with Most Tattooed  On Earth

95 percent of her body is tattooed, she holds the world record of most tattooed women in the world. This 61 years old lives in US, and is one of the woman you won’t believe to be real.Julia Gnuse also known as the illustrated lady, is a woman with body covered almost entirely by tattoos.

3. Jyoti Amge is World’s Shortest Woman

Following Jyoti’s 18th birthday on December 21, 2011, she was officially declared the world’s smallest woman by Guinness World Records with a height of 62.8 centimetres (2 ft 0.6 in). Her restricted height is due to a growth abnormality called achondroplasia.

2. Elisany da Cruz Silva is World’s Tallest Woman

Most fascinating part about her life is that she has a boyfriend whose height is only 5ft 4inch, though both look very adorable together, but she looks like a giant human in front of her boyfriend.This Brazilian women has the height of 6.9 ft making her the tallest woman in the world.

1. Valeria Lukyanova is a Real Life Barbie

This Russian beauty is an unbelievable human Barbie. She has stated that she has had breast implants, but that the rest of her body is completely natural and slender due to daily gym workouts and a special diet. But obviously these claims are hard to believe, she looks incredibly similar to Barbie dolls.




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