Pakistani Singer Salman Ahmad tests Positive for Coronavirus

Pakistani Singer Salman Ahmad tests Positive for Coronavirus.

The singer, who was in New York for his musical projects, had gotten tested after he experienced symptoms of the virus.


Ahmad could not return to Pakistan as international flight operations were suspended in the country due to the lockdown.

The singer had gotten himself tested three days ago after his health deteriorated. “I am quarantining at home. I am not feeling well. Have asked people to pray for my health,” he said.

On Friday, Ahmad had taken to Twitter and told fans that his doctor suspected he was suffering from the virus.

“Friends,The bad news first: according to my doc Ibelli , I’m probably #COVID19 positive.will test soon. The good news is that I have mild flu like symptoms.

I’m self quarantining in NY, washing my hands regularly, inhaling steam,drinking warm fluids.Thank you for your prayers,” he had tweeted.

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