Rat in a subway train causes panic among passengers in New York

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People jumped onto the seats to avoid the poor rat who was trapped in the New York subway compartment. (Source: Uladzimir Taukachou/YouTube)

The sight of a puny rat with its wriggling tail is capable of sending shivers down most people’s spine, no matter how brave and old they are. In fact, it is not rare for grown-ups to scream and shout in fright when they see the rodent. Then imagine the plight of these commuters travelling in a subway car in New York, when they spotted a rat darting across the floor.

A video was of the incident was uploaded on YouTube with the caption, “A train to Far Rockaway with a Rat” and not surprisingly passengers, in the video, can be seen not only jumping but also standing on their seats to evade the rat. Well, though the panic is understandable, it is difficult not to laugh while watching the video.

Watch the video here.


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