Solar Panel Hybrid Car Released By Hyundai

South Korea’s Hyundai Motor Group has released a new version of its hybrid car, Sonata, with solar panels on the roof that allows its battery to be recharged even while driving.

Hyundai claims, between 30% to 60% of the car’s battery can be charged by the solar panels only if it’s being used for six hours a day.

The Sonata Hybrid has a structure of solar panels built into the top of the car. The system traps energy from the sun to help charge the vehicle’s battery. The car can be charged both when it’s parked or being driven around.
In a statement by Hyundai, the Korean car makers say the panels can provide enough energy to increase drivers travel distance by an extra 1,300 km annually.

In an announcement last week, Hyundai said its system is available on the new Sonata Hybrid model, which is for sale in South Korea.

Hyundai will also be implementing its solar system on other cars in the future but isn’t the only manufacturer experimenting in the technology.


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