5 Super Health Benefits Of Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are grown on flowering trees and shrubs that originated from the Himalayan region. The fruits are grown around the world throughout the year, especially in places like Southeast Asia, Australia and Papua New Guinea depending on the season in subtropical and tropical climates.

The different varieties of citrus fruits are oranges, lemons, limes, tangerines and grapefruit. Lemons offer plenty of health benefits because they are rich in citric acid which is known to be a powerful antioxidant while oranges are a good source of vitamin C. Read on to find out the other health benefits citrus fruits offer the body according to Healthline.

1. Vitamins and Minerals

One medium-sized orange has the required daily intake (RDI) of vitamin C needed to protect the body against scurvy, a disease that has fatigue as its main symptom. Vitamin C keeps the immune system and skin in good shape too.
Additionally, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and copper in citrus fruits play a big part in certain bodily processes. Citrus fruits are also known to contain a healthy combination of flavonoids and carotenoids that protect the body against harmful diseases.

2. Cancer Prevention

The flavonoids in citrus fruits act as antioxidants and prevent cancer by effectively blocking the expression of cancerous genes. Citrus fruits also destroy carcinogens by this method. Breast cancer, stomach and pancreatic cancers can be prevented if citrus fruits are consumed regularly. In fact, only one whole grapefruit is enough to lower the risk of lung cancer based on a study.

3. Kills Unhealthy Brain Cells

Alzeihmer and Parkinson diseases are two of the most common types of neurodegenerative diseases that can be prevented by the consumption of flavonoids in citrus fruits. Hesperidin and apigenin are two such flavonoids proven to improve the functioning of brain cells in mice and in some test-tube studies.

4. Aids Weight Loss

Oranges are an abundant source of fiber. It is a known fact that fiber is needed for improving the functions of the digestive system, triggering weight loss as a result. Fiber fills up the stomach and reduces appetite significantly. It also helps that calories are extremely low. One lemon contains 12 calories and one orange contains 62 calories. Over the course of 24 years, a study proved this fact and people who consumed citrus fruits had lower weight in comparison to people who did not consume citrus fruits.

5. Stops Kidney Stones Formation

In one study observing kidney stone formation over a period of 40 years, it was revealed that people who consume citrus fruits infrequently are more prone to developing kidney stones than those who consume citrus fruits regularly.
Low citrate content in the urine is linked to one particular type of kidney stone. Citrates can be naturally increased without resorting to potassium citrate supplements. Hence, consumption of citrus fruits can be considered a natural remedy against kidney stones.

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