5 Ways to Improve low Wi-Fi Signal in Your Home

Yo Guys today we are here to save your day we brings  5 Ways to Improve low Wi-Fi Signal in Your Home

So how can you speed up your home wireless network? We’ve assembled some tips and tricks to help you diagnose and solve some of the most common Wi-Fi problems, whether you can upgrade to a new router or not.

1. Placement of Wi-Fi Router is important

Placement of Wi-Fi Router in home is most important and make a huge difference in signal quality. Following tips would be  helpful

  • Avoid placing the router in corner rooms, or worse yet, in your basement. The more walls, piping, or ducting the signal passes through, the weaker the signal is going to be.
  • The router should be placed as close to the center of the room as possible for optimal performance.
  • Radio signals should be able to make it through walls without much problem, but if you’re in a room with thick walls, expect to have trouble connecting even with a router close by.

2. Should use Dual band router if you have one

With so many wireless networks out there, and Bluetooth becoming more common (it, too, operates in the 2.4GHz band), there’s a lot of interference for your router to overcome at times. We recommend that you use the 5GHz band for video streaming and gaming, as data speeds are slightly faster. While the 2.4GHz band should work well enough for everyday web use, a dual-band router will let you connect on both bands and achieve faster speeds overall.

3. Secure Your Wi-Fi network  With Strengthen Password

Anyone can connect to a password-free network, and mooch off of your Internet (i.e., clog up your bandwidth). It’s also a security risk, as hackers may be able to access data on your devices.Just give your trusted guests your password when they need to connect to the Internet and prevent opportunistic users or malicious hackers from gaining access.

4. Upgrade Wi-Fi Router if needed

If you’ve upgraded a lot of your gadgets and computers recently, there’s a good chance that a years-old router isn’t able to take advantage of the newer wireless technologies that are available. Of course, sometimes all you’ll need to do is reset the router to fix slowness — but if that doesn’t work, maybe you’ve outgrown the capabilities of the router itself.


5. Replace better Antenna with Stock one

There are a variety of options for such antennas, and you just need to make sure that they’re compatible with your router. Buyer beware: Try to buy these better antennas from the companies themselves, rather than ones made offered by a third-party that are “compatible” with your router. Sometimes the quality of these antennas found on eBay and other sites are quite low.


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