5 Ways to Speed Up Your Slow PC / Laptop


Yo Guys today we bring you 5 Ways to Speed Up Your Slow PC Laptop

After some time PC or laptop ,will begin to slow down. There are many reasons for this aside from aging hardware. Assuming there are no major hardware failures such as a dying hard drive, lack of RAM or storage, or something similar, there are ways to keep it running smooth just like the day you bought it.

1. Keep up PC / Laptop to date



Installing all the latest updates can sometimes add new features or fix bugs that might have existed in the original software. It’s in your best interest to keep everything up-to-date.

2.Use Cleaning Software to wipe the junk


If you’re working with a PC, running Cleaner application on a monthly basis can definitely keep your computer in good shape. While you can’t expect it to run hardware intensive programs — like video games — much better, you can expect it to handle common tasks in a much more efficient manner.

However, nothing will ever compare to the true boost you’ll receive from adding more RAM. Followig software ca e used to clea Juk from PC /Laptop

  1. CCleaner is an excellent — and free — tool to help you clean out all the junk that builds up over time.
  2. MacPaw for MAC Laptop Computer

3.Defragment /Free up some hard drive space


This happens for many reasons, which actually have nothing to do with the amount of data you have stored on your hard drive. File fragmentation is actually the culprit of a lot of problems, which can be remedied by running a defrag program that reallocates hard drive data.

If you don’t have multiple hard drives installed in your computer — and sometimes even if you do — you might benefit from freeing up some space. If the main hard drive you use is about 80% full, it might be time to remove old files, uninstall applications that you never use or transfer some of that data to an extra drive.

4. Get rid of spyware, malware, or a virus


All three of these things are relatively easy to come across, especially if you install a lot of programs and applications on your machine, particularly freeware. In addition, spyware and malware are just as responsible for slowing computers down as a nasty virus.

Free Tools you can use to clean out your system of spyware, malware, or a virus

  1. Kaspersky’s TDSSkiller rootkit removal tool
  2. Emsisoft’s Emergency Kit,

or you can choose any software of your choice

5. Reboot the PC or laptop


Essentially, it all boils down to resource management. As you perform basic actions on your device or computer it stores the necessary data in the RAM or memory. A reboot will wipe that clean, allowing the system to start from scratch. Sometimes, issues can even be caused by a minuscule power failure which restarting will completely wipe away.



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