Man From Multan Keeps Lion In His Bedroom

I am sure that you must have heard about pet dogs, parrots, and cats but have you ever heard about someone keeping not one, but two pet lions And what’s more, these giant cats live like royalty in an air-conditioned room, eating meat on their bed and plays with little children.

What’s is even more interesting to hear is that these exotic animals have been tamed by a Pakistani man Zulkaif Chaudry, who lives in Multan.

The 33-year-old pet lover runs a restaurant. Due to reasons only known to him, he has taken a liking to the King of the Jungle.

Zulkaif bought the cubs when they were only two months old, he named one of them Babar and has taken good care of the lions for six months now.
Surprisingly enough, he keeps those lions unchained in a bedroom where he has provided proper air conditioning for them to tackle the summer heat. But thats not all as he also provides them with a heater during winter season.


News Via Propakistani

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