‘Mere Pas Tum Ho’ What will happen in the Last Episode? Story Leaked!

Mere pas tum ho is a mega drama serial and has received unexceptionally popularity in all over Pakistan.


The popular drama serial is now heading towards its last episode.

The much anticipated last episode will be aired on 25th January. This time, it will be a mega episode and will be aired from 8 pm to 10 pm.

Mere pas tum ho has got so much hype that the makers have decided to show the last episode in cinemas nationwide.

There are a lot of assumptions people have made on social media regarding the last episode. In the second-last episode, it was shown that Hania has proposed Danish and had given him a ring which he accepted. Meanwhile, Mehwish was reciting something like a “wazifa” to let Danish visit the flat. What will happen in the last episode?

Some people are saying that Shehwar will kill Danish. Some are predicting that Hani will marry Danish.

People are more concerned, as most of the dramas written by Khalil-ur-Rehman did not end up with happy endings.

Surprisingly, we have found hints of the leaked scenes of the last episode.


The first half of the episode will show some exchange of dialogues between Danish and his family. However, we will see the climax in the second half. Mehwish will feel regret again and will want to meet Danish. She will request Danish on call to visit the flat and Danish will agree. Meanwhile, Shehwar will also visit the flat. All three will be present there. Shehwar, being furious, will visit the flat with a gun.

He will try to shoot Danish and will aim his target but Mehwish will be shot dead as she will try to save him. Shehwar will be thrown in jail. Then, Danish will marry Hania.

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