Momina Mustehsan Heavily Trolled After Her New Look

Pakistan’s singer Momina Mustehsan received backlash for her blonder hair as she appeared for the star-studded red carpet of Pakistan International Screen Awards (PISA) 2020 in Dubai.

While Momina anticipated appreciation, she encountered backlash on Twitter for her new look.

It is not that she had revealed her blonder hairs look for the first time, she appeared earlier at the HUM Style Award with which she donned a red dress.

But this time around, Momina Mustehsan, paired her blonde hair with a matching off-shoulder yellow gown for PISA; monstrosity that spurred a massive backlash from netizen on Twitter.

Social media users brutally mocked Mustehsan as they compared her to foods such as Haldi, corn, mustard and egg yolk.

Amid the heavy trolling, she also received heartening support from a few social media users.

Some slammed the outrageous bullying of Momina.

While others defended her saying that she has the right to wear what she likes and nobody should demean her for her choices.

Others pointed out that Momina Mustehsan has worn the dress that Mahira Khan wore earlier.

However, she has not responded to the backlash like the way she usually does.

Earlier, Mustehsan faced trolling for her dance performance at the Lux Style Awards.

The Lux Style Awards opened up with the performance of Momina in which she had performed along with Lyari rapper.

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