Pakistan’s First Blind Civil Judge gets Married

Pakistan’s first blind civil judge Yousuf Saleem has got married.

Yousuf Saleem is the first and the only blind civil judge of Pakistan, he had challenged the Federal Civil Services system when he joined the field.

Yousuf Saleem had served as an assistant director (legal) in a department of the Punjab Government.

He was the 21 among 300 candidates who had passed the written test for the designation of civil judge.

The talented judge was a topper. However, he was rejected for the designation of a civil judge only because he was visually impaired.

Through his efforts and his exceptional skills, he succeeded.

The former chief justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar had taken the notice and presided in Yousuf’s favor.

Yousuf Saleem, 25, took the oath as a civil judge at Punjab Judiciary Academy in June 2018.

He got immense appreciation and blessings from people in Pakistan.

Yousuf Saleem aims to become the Chief Justice of Pakistan in the future.

Yousuf Saleem is a gold medalist from Punjab University in LLB Honors program. He also met all the requirements needed to be a civil judge.

However, the talented judge has recently tied the knot.

The picture of Yousuf’s valima ceremony got viral. He was seen sitting with his wife. People have shown immense love on social media and has given huge blessings to him.

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