Top Most Difficult 5 Languages to Learn

Yo Guys Today We are here to bring Top Most Difficult 5 Languages to Learn There are many of different languages spoken around the world. And It’s quite possible that you speak one of the language mentioned in this article, but other nine languages would certainly be difficult for you. So let’s know about 5 most difficult languages to learn.

5. Russian Language

Russian is comprised of alphabets completely unfamiliar to a English speaker. An Russian speaker must focus on stress to speak words properly, sometimes a slightest mistake can change the meaning of the word.Although it’s quite easy to mimic Russian in comedic manner, but to truly understand and respect language, you need some immense amount of time and hard work.

4. Japanese Language

It have thousands of different characters that have multiple pronunciations and meanings, which becomes even more difficult when you consider how these characters can be combined.It takes an immense amount of preparation and hard work only to get to the basics of this language. Japanese writing system primarily uses two syllabic (ormoraic) scripts, hiragana and katakana.

3. Korean Language

This language is developed in very small and completely isolated part of the world. Which is why, Korean lacks any common ancestor with today’s surviving languages, though there is still a debate going on, whether Korean and Japanese are related to each other.That thing that makes this language so difficult to learn for anyone outside of Korea is its alienation.

2. Arabic Language

The reason Arabic is so difficult to learn for English speaker is it contains sounds and alphabets that doesn’t even exist in English language. So, some serious amount of hard work is required to master this one. With over 420 million native speakers, Arabic certainty is one of the most spoken language in the world.

1. Chinese Language

Almost all the Chinese languages contain a large number of characters and you must recognise most of them in order the understand the language. You may need to recognize at least 3000 different character only to get to the basics. To read newspaper that number goes up to 4000.

Although many different languages are spoken in China but the most popular one is Mandarin (the first language spoken by highest number of people in the world), which is used by nearly 1 billion people for conversation.



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