Hungry Snake Tries To Eat Itself

Jesse Rothacker who spotted the snake and tried to stop it from the self-destruction was seen trying to free the Kingsnake from its own jaws.

In an unusual instance, a worker at a reptile park had to rescue a snake from being eaten up by itself. The hungry snake started by swallowing its own tail and ended up with almost half of its body in itself.

The Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary in Pennsylvania shared a video that’s now going viral and shows the Kingsnake attempting to eat itself before a staff member intervened.

Park employee Jesse Rothacker, who spotted what the snake was trying, was seen attempting to free the Kingsnake from its own jaws. However, the serpent was persistent and resisted all the attempts, biting down even harder.

They will sometimes see their own tail, they’ll think it’s a snake, they’ll take a bite out of it, and they’ll realize they’ve bitten themselves, Rothacker said in the video. They don’t usually swallow themselves. But today, we’re going to see a kingsnake that, I don’t know, might not have done very well on the SATs.
The snake was later given a frozen mouse to eat and seemed happier.

After trying to eat himself this morning, we fed our kingsnake some miceicles this afternoon. Went down much better.



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