Video: which of these three women is actually naked, with body-painted clothes Can you guess?

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One of these three women is wearing painted clothes. Can you guess which? (Source: Jen the body painter/Instagram)

While a man walking around bare-chested might not be a big deal, it’s not quite the same for a woman. Body paint artists have long played challenged the norm by stunning painting on clothes on women and have them walk around in public spaces not only as a means of challenging society, but also checking if they can get away with it. Such experiments have mixed results. Often the paint work is so brilliant that not many can make out, while others not so great, creating quite a buzz wherever they are.

Well, this is one time when the prank went off brilliantly.

The whole episode was a social experiment like numerous others done by Jen Seidel and her team. They painted a model, Maria Luciotti, and took her to a crowded mall for shopping, during which time she interacted with store staff normally st first, and then disclosed the fact that Luciotti was naked, so as to gauge their reaction.

Luciotti wore a pair of painted-on ripped jeans and black crop top. To make things tricky, they paired it with high boots, a knitted muffler, and a cap. Will people at the mall figure it out? Check the video to know what happened.

Watch the video here:


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